Azalea Trail -3606 Chevy Chase

This gracious home, originally designed by Birdsall Briscoe in 1942, has been on the Azalea Trail several times, once over forty years ago while owned by a relative of the current residents. The present owners moved into the home over 25 years ago with 3 small children and hosted the Trail again. In 2013, with the children grown and the house in need of renovation, the owners began working with architect Dillon Kyle to modernize and simplify their family home to suit their current more edited lifestyle. The result is the beautiful structure we see today, a traditional home re-imagined for the 21st century. Classic and contemporary design elements work together to create a tranquil yet vibrant  atmosphere. Family heirlooms blend with newer acquisitions to bring warmth and liveliness to the home. The gardens have been updated by Stephanie Fox of Botanica Landscaping. Johnny Steele, who designed the landscape in 1995, has returned this year to collaborate with Stephanie to make the home shine for the Azalea Trail.